Ironbelly App Store release

Today is a big day for Ironbelly – it has officially launched on the App Store!

The journey started back in November 2018, when Ironbelly was presented for the first time at GrinCon0 in Berlin [video]. Back then the app consisted of only two buttons – “Send 10 Grins” and “Info” – with no name, no nice UI, and no way to create or import a wallet. Yet that was just the beginning, and in the time that’s passed IronBelly has come a long way to becoming a real user app that can be found and downloaded from the App Store. We are very happy to announce the launch today and to finally share the app with you all. Project lead Ivan Sorokin: “I also want to thank Binance Fellowship Program and Autonomous Software Foundation for the help, they have provided to the project!”

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